In the Heights’ Epic, 2,500+ Costumes

The Story Behind In the Heights’ Epic, 2,500-Plus Costumes



Costume Designers Guild Local 892 member Mitchell Travers, who coincidentally spent much of the past decade living in Washington Heights, talks about the importance of authenticity in designing costumes for 'In the Heights'.



It’s cheering to know that many people’s first time back in a movie theater will be to see In the Heights. As far as cinematic experiences ago, it’s the rollercoaster of emotions we’ve all been craving, at once tear-jerking and overwhelmingly joyous. But what impresses most, perhaps, is the ease with which it moves seamlessly between the micro and the macro. Just as powerful as the beating heart of the movie, represented by the romantic entanglements of its four main protagonists, is the grandiose sweep of its elaborate song-and-dance sequences that recall the golden age of movie musicals, while also feeling firmly rooted in the aesthetic landscape of its setting, the New York neighborhood of Washington Heights. (Think: Busby Berkeley after learning some salsa, mambo, and a spot of breakdancing.)


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