365 days later


These last 365 days have been filled with despair and determination - for ourselves, our families, our communities. And now, looking forward, the hope of renewal.

We've lost friends and family in unimaginable numbers. We've lost jobs and safe spaces to gather. Yet, you've helped us all find reasons to embrace hope.

You've provided a lifeline to people in need across the country, giving them healthy meals, health care and emergency financial support to make it through another day. By donating, fundraising and supporting our virtual events, you made an impact. You helped us discover new ways of connecting with each other and inspired us to watch for that ghost light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for showing that our shared purpose of caring for one another is stronger than a devastating pandemic. And while we still face unknowable challenges to come, I take comfort in knowing we walk the path toward renewal together.



Tom Viola
Executive Director

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