A message from IATSE Women’s Committee

From: Shirley Berling <berling2015@icloud.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 11:01 AM
Subject: A message from IATSE Women's Committee


Hi All,
Hope you are all well and safe. I have been asked as the IA Women’s Committee District Nine contact to reach out to the locals in our district and find out how everyone is holding up and send out some info that the locals may not have. Since each state is different it is important to let you know where to go for information. I have included a list at the bottom of this email where you can go for info for your state.
Also, many states are in shortage of medical equipment especially masks. Many of the wardrobe locals have been making masks but unfortunately some states will not accept them if they are not medical grade. The Women’s Committee feel if this is the case in your State the masks can also be given to food pantries, homeless shelters and first responders where masks are also in demand. The homemade masks may be all they are able to use. Many Locals and Arts Groups are responding to the lack of protective items such as masks, gowns and other PPE. Be sure to confirm  with your local medical institutions their acceptance and protocols for any donations, this varies from  place to place. You may also find a local donation site in your area that is collecting unused PPE from your job sites. On that same subject if any of your members are interested in making masks I have attached a pattern and supply list for the one we are recommending.
This link will take you to a site that will find where masks are needed in your area. www.sewingforlives.com/signuptosew
IATSE has also created IATSE C.A.R.E.S. (Coronavirus Active Response and Engagement Service) it is a new initiative designed to provide support to our most at-risk, elderly, and/or disabled members during the COVID-19 crisis, but is available for any member needing help.
This website will also be used to provide information about future Mutual Aid efforts from the IATSE. For example, IATSE CARES creates a buddy system where members in need may sign up to have a volunteer check in with them as often as they choose.
We have also created a safe and free delivery system which connects trained and healthy IATSE Young Worker volunteers with IATSE members in need. Members in need may request supplies, groceries, or whatever else they may need, and another IATSE member will bring it to their doorstep through our volunteer database. If you would like to sign up tp be a volunteer you can find an application form on the site.
In a time when we are separated physically from our family, friends and co-workers it is important to stay in touch by other means. Stay in touch by FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. Sometimes the best medicine is seeing a loved one’s face and hearing their voice.
This trying time may cause an upswing in depression and more suicide awareness will be needed. We are also seeing victims of domestic violence stuck in isolation with their abusers and more need for resources.
Here are some info links for your state. You will find hotlines on these sites pertaining to suicide prevention, abuse and neglect, economic, medicaid and unemployment assistance, as well as many other useful links.
Nebraska  www.dhhs.ne.gov
South Dakota: www.doh.sd.gov
North Dakota: www.ndresponse.gov
The IA Women’s Committee is here to support your District during the current COVID-19 crisis.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further.
We are indeed in this together!
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Stay safe,
Shirley Berling
IATSE Women’s Committee District 9 contact

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