ACTION: Fight anti-Asian racism




As we close Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Heritage Month, we pledge to continue our fight for racial justice every day. Use the resources below and join us as we act, donate and learn.


Act and Intervene

Our labor movement fights hard for workers’ rights. How do we build a labor movement that fights just as hard to end anti-Asian racism?


The Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) has a toolkit that provides guidance on how we can build a workers’ movement that is truly inclusive of all workers. If you pledge to take action in your labor community, APALA will reach out to help you.


Outside of the labor movement, a coalition of Asian advocacy groups have partnered with Hollaback! to provide free bystander intervention trainings for anti-Asian violence and harassment.



Grassroots organizations and mutual aid groups across the country are supporting the AAPI community. The links below aren’t comprehensive, and you should check for organizations in your local area as well.


The label AAPI covers many communities who experience racism in different ways. There’s a lot of history and nuance that is important to learn when fighting for racial justice. This includes:

Recently there has been a rise in anti-Asian violence and attacks. Some people are using these attacks and pre-existing anti-Blackness to drive a wedge between the Black and Asian communities.


This isn’t a new tactic, but there’s a long history of Asian solidarity. Watch stories of Asian solidarity with the Black community and other communities of color.


In Solidarity,