AFL-CIO is Women’s History Month





This Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the achievements of women. We’re also taking action to continue our fight for gender equality in the workplace.


This week’s action item is to call and make sure your representative supports the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. COVID-19 took women’s economic progress backward. We need the PRO Act for a gender equitable recovery.


During Women’s History Month, we celebrate women who changed—and continue to change—history. Women who decided to get up and do something.


Women like Dolores Huerta, who coined the phrase “Sí, se puede” and co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, the predecessor to the United Farm Workers.


Like the women of 9to5, who inspired the classic movie and Dolly Parton song.


Over decades and generations, women fought for progress and won victories. In one year, however, much of that progress has been reversed.


Black women and Latinas face record unemployment. Women of color are more likely to be essential workers on the front lines of the pandemic, risking their health to keep our society moving.


So this year, we felt we couldn’t celebrate Women’s History Month without taking action.


The PRO Act is a historical piece of legislation protecting our right to collective power. A union contract is the single best tool we have to close racial and gender wage gaps. Collective bargaining will increase protections for women, especially in areas where laws fall short. Make sure your representative supports the bill.


History is created through action. We remember the women who fought before us, and we’re taking action to create history for the women who come after us.


In Solidarity,