Annual Fall Safety Stand Down: May 8–12

Annual Fall Safety Stand Down: May 8–12

As part of raising safety awareness during NAOSH Week, OSHA has puts together a fall prevention campaign each year.  This year the Annual Fall Safety Stand-Down will be May 8–12.  Falls from elevation make up over a third of the deaths in construction workplaces.  The worst part is these deaths are preventable.  This campaign is meant to focus on this high-risk issue to reduce the number of people hurt.  While certain IATSE workers are more exposed to working at heights than others, basic elements of fall-protection, such as safe use of ladders, apply to many IATSE workers in all crafts, and they will find these resources useful.

OSHA has developed several resources we welcome you to use including “toolbox talks” – outlines for short 5–10 minute talks on identifying and responding to common hazards, short videos, and handouts (including inspection checklists) – that may be used to participate in the event.  There are also posters and other promotional materials.

You can get information by following these links:

OSHA Fall Prevention Program | National Safety Stand-Down Event Calendar | National Safety Stand-Down Resources



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