Are you an October voter?



COVID-19 has exposed and amplified the U.S. electoral system’s many problems, including entrenched inequalities that make it hard for people of color and economically disadvantaged Americans to vote.


There is one thing you can do to ensure we have a free and fair election. And if you aren’t an October voter, you should be.


That means voting now if your state has begun early voting or making a plan to vote—including deciding when and where you will vote.


If you’re planning to vote by mail, request your ballot today.


Millions of Americans have already voted!


By making a plan to vote in October (or voting right now), you’re exercising your power to effect change and make sure your voice is heard.


We’re expecting a record-breaking number of mail-in ballots this year, so it’s critical to help our election officials process our ballots quickly and efficiently by voting early, either by mail or at an in-person early voting location.


Don’t wait another moment—tell your friends and family to join the October voter movement to ensure that each and every one of our votes are counted.


In Solidarity,




P.S. To learn more about what your options are for casting your ballot safely in your state, visit Workers First Vote Union.




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