Ballet Preljocaj: Blanche Neige (Snow White)

Dates:  5/2/2014 - 5/4/2014

Location:  Harris Theater


harris Ballet-Preljocaj-Web-Banner-copyAngelin Preljocaj’s French dance company from Provence gives its own contemporary take on Blanche Neige (Snow White).  Based on the Grimm Brothers’ original fairy tale, this full-length story ballet choreographed by Preljocaj features costumes by legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier.  For this ballet, an inspired Gaultier created costumes that are devilishly sexy, including brief nudity, and designs of warrior inspiration that are worth the journey in themselves.  Magical sets are by Thierry Leproust and the music is a selection of Gustav Mahler’s symphonies.  In Blanche Neige, the characters’ bodies transcend through Preljocaj’s signature choreography to demonstrate space, energy, and ultimately feelings, using inventive gestures, clever substitution, and acrobatic wall climbing.