Behind The Scenes Suicide Prevention Initiative


Behind The Scenes Suicide Prevention Initiative:


As some may recall we hosted a virtual presentation recently from Behind The Scenes. We were recently sent the attached letter and additional resources for your reference as well as support during these exceptionally trying times. Please share with all of your loved ones as needed.


I hope you are well and had a good Thanksgiving!

Recently, Eddie Raymond, retired Vice President of Local 16 and a Behind the Scenes board member, approached me about the tragic number of suicides Local 16 has seen. He wanted to know if we could customize some of the BTS suicide prevention materials for posting on their FaceBook page. Eddie and I worked together on that, and almost immediately after posting members began to come forward asking for help while others responded to offer support.

Because of that response, and because you have shown concern for your members' mental health by providing them with tools and resources, Eddie and I wanted to share these materials with you. Please feel free to use them if you think they are appropriate for your members. We are particularly concerned with how people will cope during the upcoming holidays.

Attached you will find:

1. A letter from Eddie with a further explanation

2. A graphic of the Warning Signs of Suicide - this is a shorter version of the full list available on our website at

3. A graphic “Know the 5 Steps” to help save a life

4. A Word document in which we condensed the practical info and guidance for implementing the 5 Steps

5. A graphic with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the BTS Mental Health website info

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional material. And keep in mind that I am happy to do another presentation for you at any time.

I also wanted to let you know that we have just rolled out the first of our tools to fight bullying, harassment and intimidation at The responses to our industry survey told us that this is a major issue for many in our industry and has a direct impact on their emotional and mental well being. We hope you will join us in the campaign.

Best regards,



Raymond Letter to IA Locals

5 Steps Condensed Info







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