Campaign for $500M for arts & culture


This is the last month of the legislative session here in Illinois, which means a lot of important decisions will be made in the next 3-4 weeks. We’ve partnered with a coalition of leaders from across Illinois to create the Illinois Creative Future Fund campaign. We're asking for $500 million for arts and culture. We need your voice.


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What is the Illinois Creative Future Fund?

Illinois is receiving $7.5 billion in COVID relief funding through the American Rescue Plan (ARP), which was passed earlier this year under the Biden Administration. We are advocating for Illinois to invest $500 million of those funds over the next four years in the relief, recovery, and resilience of Illinois’ creative sector, prioritizing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), rural, and other communities disproportionately impacted by COVID.

This money would go to relief and recovery of independent venues ($100 million); performing arts, arts education organizations, and film ($100 million); museums, visual arts, and cultural heritage organizations ($75 million); as well as workforce development ($75 million), provision of arts education ($75 million), and arts capital projects ($75 million).


Read more about the full proposal and take action here


Why $500 Million? 

The ARP dollars are intended as economic stimulus and support for the people and industries most impacted by the COVID pandemic. The arts have been hit particularly hard. We were the first to close and will be among the last to reopen. And that pain has not been felt equally. Prioritizing BIPOC and rural communities is crucial for ensuring a better, more equitable, and thriving arts landscape in Illinois.

Our students need the arts now more than ever: Arts education contributes to social & emotional learning (SEL), vital to students’ ability to recover from the COVID crisis. Arts learning helps produce perseverance, foster self-awareness, and strengthen student engagement.

Other states are going big: New York just passed a one-year budget that dedicates over $200 million to the arts, plus giving arts organizations access to $800 million in recovery grants. California legislators are championing a $1 billion package for the arts. Illinois creatives must not be left behind.

Bottom line: When the arts thrive, everybody wins. In addition to being an economic powerhouse, the arts bolster neighborhood vitality, address long-standing inequities, and help heal and rebuild our spirit in this time of crisis.

Tell your representatives that now is the time for bold action to support arts and culture in Illinois.




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