CFL stays neutral in mayoral runoff


Federation of Labor stays neutral in mayoral runoff


The Chicago Federation of Labor decided Monday to remain neutral in the historic April 2 mayoral runoff in a move likely to be seen as a boon to Lori Lightfoot and a major blow to Toni Preckwinkle.

“Something different may have happened if we had this meeting two weeks from now. But we’re not. Today was the day. … Our representative body that makes this decision isn’t scheduled to meet again during this election cycle,” said federation president Bob Reiter. The federation has an ownership stake in Sun­Times Media.

There weren’t enough people who felt like they could make a different decision today other than to maintain the position of neutrality. It doesn’t mean that people won’t take positions within their own locals. But the collective position was to maintain neutrality.”

Preckwinkle already has support from the Chicago Teachers Union, Service Employees International Union Locals 1 and 73 and SEIU Health Care, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 881 and Teamsters Local 700. (SEIU Local 1 and SEIU Healthcare also have ownership stakes in Sun-Times Media.)

But Preckwinkle desperately needed to consolidate the rest of the labor movement behind her candidacy to stand a chance of overcoming the momentum generated by Lightfoot’s stunning first place finish in the field of fourteen.
She had hoped to start with the CFL, an umbrella organization that includes roughly 300 unions.

On Monday, the CFL met with and ques...



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