Change is coming to Hollywood …

Change is coming to Hollywood, thanks to a new wave of female filmmakers, directors, editors, animators and cinematographers.



Hollywood is a notoriously tough business to succeed in for all, but it has been particularly challenging for women to rise in the film industry. Only five women in the Academy Awards’ 92-year history have been nominated for best director, and only one woman— Kathryn Bigelow—has won. The system that has allowed female filmmakers to be overlooked and underrepresented is changing, though. In 2019, it was reported that women made up 10.6 percent of the directors of the 100 top-grossing movies from 2019—the highest percentage since the data was first tracked in 2007. Change is coming to Hollywood, thanks to a new wave of filmmakers, directors, editors, animators and cinematographers, many of whom learned their craft at DePaul University. The film school has made diversity and inclusion a cornerstone of its education, a belief that is reflected in its classrooms. The school has worked hard to become the place where everyone feels welcome to learn the skills they need to tell their stories. Stories like Vera Drew’s. “I've known I wanted to make films since I was 6 years old,” she explains. “The first thing I think I really knew about my identity. I never saw a world where I didn't end up going to film school.” After having spent her teen years honing her filmmaking skills with the family’s video camera, she chose to study at the School of Cinematic Arts at DePaul University. “DePaul really gave me the opportunity to actually learn what the hell I was doing from a technical standpoint,” Drew says.


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