Chicago Entertainment Industry Labor Council




From our Business Representative, Tom Pusateri ...



Chicago Entertainment Industry Labor Council





THANK YOU! I am sincerely humbled, honored and proud to have achieved two important appointments on behalf of IATSE 769 in recent days. In addition to being successfully nominated to serve for a second term as your Business Representative I was also nominated and unanimously voted in last week to serve as Secretary Treasurer for the CEILC. The Council has had several recent sessions focusing on collaborating through the ongoing pandemic situation as well as its impact on our various organizations and the future outlook for our local industry. I respectfully express my gratitude to our members of 769 as well as the current delegates in the CEILC for the support and confidence shown as we further navigate forward through these exceptionally trying times. For those members not familiar with the mission of the CEILC, below is a summary from their Constitution and By-Laws as well as a list of currently participating organizations:




This organization shall be known as the Chicago Entertainment Industry Labor Council, (referred to hereafter for convenience as (“the Council”) and is designed to promote unity and cooperation by and between its affiliates in the motion picture, broadcasting, theater, music and communications industries and, where appropriate, other branches of the entertainment industry, and to promote harmonious industrial relations with the employers in those industries.




Chicago Federation of Musicians, Local 10-208
Chicago News Guild-CWA, Local 34041
Directors Guild of America
IATSE, Local 2 Stagehands
IATSE, Local 110, Motion Picture Projectionists Audio Visual Engineers and Technicians.
IATSE, Local 476 Motion Picture Studio Mechanics
IATSE, Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild
IATSE, Local 750 Treasurers and Ticket Sellers
IATSE, Local 762 Stage and Picture Operators
IATSE, Local 769 Theatrical Wardrobe
IATSE, Local 829 United Scenic Artists
IATSE, Local 18032 Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers
NABET-CWA , Local 41
SAG-AFTRA, Chicago Local
Teamsters Local, 727



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