The Chicago Federation of Labor Supports …

cflThe Chicago Federation of Labor is proud to support the following campaigns.  For more information on each campaign, click the links below.


A Better Illinois

The people and organizations of A Better Illinois are working to restore our state’s commitment to accountability, fairness and a strong middle class.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In 2009, after consultation with faith and community leaders, the labor movement came together in support of a framework for immigration reform that reflects our shared values: dignity, fairness, opportunity, voice and justice.  It advocates for keeping families together, creating a road map to citizenship and halting the race to the bottom in wages and worker standards by employers who are taking advantage of our failures in immigration policy.


Fight For $15

Founded in November 2012, the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago is a union of fast food and retail workers pushing for better conditions in their industries.  The expanding Fight for 15 campaign seeks: $15/hour living wage and the right to form a union without retaliation.


Illinois Fair Trade Coalition

The Illinois Fair Trade Coalition was formed in January 2013 to be a voice for the people of Illinois in the global economy and to raise serious concerns about the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.  They are a focal point in Illinois for ensuring that globalization, and specifically international trade policy, be conducted in a way that reflects their values of justice, fairness, sustainability, community, and a high quality of life.  They are made up of labor, faith, farm, environmental, and human rights organizations, who recognize that the far reaching nature of trade policy requires them to stand in solidarity to achieve their goals.


Illinois Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

The Illinois Domestic Workers Coalition is a group of domestic workers and grassroots leaders seeking to pass a Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights (HB4714) in Illinois.  They believe that domestic workers deserve the same respect, dignity, and protection as all other workers.


Raise Illinois

Raise Illinois is a major legislative and grassroots campaign to increase Illinois’ minimum wage from the current $8.25 per hour to $10.65 an hour.  Raise Illinois is led by a coalition made up of community, business, faith and labor organizations along with minimum wage workers and supporters that are committed to fighting for a raise in the minimum wage in Illinois.