Cultures of China – Festival of Spring

Date:  2/13/14

Venue:  Oriental Theatre

A world-renowned professional art troupe from China will travel to Chicago to present the highest level Chinese global cultural show, which has created an international sensation and won millions of audience worldwide in the past years.  Reflecting the oldest continuous civilization on earth, the "Cultural of China, Festival of Spring" show will immerse audience in dazzling performances, including award-winning classical Chinese dances and folk songs, traditional instruments, and Peking opera. 

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to experience the grace, charm, and magnificence of Chinese culture and arts performed by 30 first-class Chinese professional singers, dancers, and musicians.  The fascinating folk songs and dances with animated background scenes, dazzling costumes, colorful traditional Peking opera, and amazing traditional Chinese music instruments will certainly transport you to another world and create a memorable night that you will never forget.