Every Mind Matters: A Message From Your Union



Sisters, Brothers, Kin —

This holidays season is unlike any year we have seen before. While traditionally this is the time, we look forward to spending it with our loved ones, we recognize that it will be difficult for some of us who will be alone this year.

We understand times have been tough, but we hope you find comfort in knowing we are a union and you are never alone.

Try these five helpful practices that eliminates stress and helps maintain our mental well-being.


  • Make a Holiday Plan - Find activities to help you move through the season with calmness.


  • Try Something New - Develop a new skill, brush up on an old one or dive into a new hobby.



  • Stay Connected – Keep numbers on hand. Reach out to people in your life for support


  • Go Offline - Take breaks from your screen to help manage your wellness.


Need additional help? Here are some places to get help if you need it:


  • For immediate mental health emergencies please call 911 or visit a local emergency room.


  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 ) or Crisis Text Line (text HOME to 741741) (betheoneto.com.)




Now more than ever, lets spark the conversation, raise awareness, and share the mental health resources available to us.

In Solidarity,


Team IATSE      





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