Fight for $15 on April 15th







Fight for $15 on April 15th


Low-wage jobs are the fastest growing kind of job in the United States – and they’re also the least likely to be union.

Since 2012, low-wage workers have been organizing to demand respect and fair wages with their Fight for $15 campaign.  The movement is growing: workers strike, lead marches, and take bold action throughout the year – and on April 15th they’re leading coordinated actions across the country to get their message across.

Join thousands on April 15th for a National Day of Action by finding an action in your area.

If you can’t find an action near you, that’s okay – the Fight for $15 campaign is very active online.  Click here for directions about how to support the campaign online.

We cannot afford to watch our unrepresented sisters and brothers be retaliated against when they try to organize, or struggle to make ends meet when working full-time.  We’re lucky to be part of a union that’s growing each year – 122,000 members strong – and we have a duty to stand in solidarity and fight for everyone.

Help fight for $15 an hour and the right to unionize – click here to find an action near you, and spread the word to your IATSE sisters and brothers!

Let’s lead boldly and help build a bigger, more powerful labor movement together.