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Financial Information / Resources from IATSE Vice President and Local 2 Business Agent Craig Carlson:



"Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I hope you’re well. We’ve been looking into less explored areas which might provide some financial help, such as “Illinois Found Money”. We found that several of our stagehands have what appears to be unclaimed checks, refunds from utility companies, dividends or wages, that have not been cashed. You can search for your name, select funds that are yours and you’ll be sent a letter to be signed, notarized and returned to get your funds. If you’d like, we’ll notarize your letters at our office. Please open the following link for more details:

For those of you that didn’t receive a stimulus check, applications are being accepted by the “Chicago Resiliency Fund” via phone on June 22nd. This is a $1,000 stimulus check for individuals that live in Chicago and didn’t receive a federal stimulus. Please see the following link for more details:

Illinois changed the minimum income requirement for the LIHEAP and CSBG assistance programs. These programs provide assistance for utilities, rent, food and other necessities. Your household may be eligible and applications are now open. The deadline for LIHEAP for 2020 is June 30th and CSBG is open all year. Please use the following link for more details:

These programs are designed to help people in times of crisis. Our industry was hit first, hardest and will be the last restored from COVID-19. There is no shame, when we’re working few people pay more into these programs than we do. One needs to only see the deductions from checks typically earned this time of year were it not for COVID. I encourage everyone eligible to exercise their earned benefits."




Craig Carlson




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