From the CFL: Illinois Atlas of Austerity


Thanks to Governor Rauner's crusade for his personal agenda, Illinois workers and taxpayers are left to suffer.  See how the lack of a budget is having serious consequences around you and across the state.


The State of Illinois has operated without a budget for nearly a year.  While a handful of stop-gap bills have been approved to ensure select social service programs continue and universities remain open, no substantial steps have been taken to resolve the impasse.

​Organizations which rely on state funding have gone unfunded or under-funded for months.  The consequences for these institutions (social service providers, higher education institutions, etc.), as well as for many Illinois residents, have been devastating.  Many of these organizations will not be able to recover from this loss of income, even after a budget is passed.  This website is an atlas which chronicles the numerous and multi-faceted consequences of the budget impasse for Illinois residents and institutions.

This atlas is organized by topic.  Within each topic section, you will find maps and information detailing the impacts the budget impasse has had on various organizations throughout the state.  Data for these maps is based on publicly-available information, and links to data sources appear throughout the atlas.  Because the budget situation is ongoing, these maps should not be understood as comprehensive summaries of the full impact of the impasse, but rather as snap shots of its effects during the past year.

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