Chicago HANDS OFF PANTS ON ordinance

The Chicago City Council is considering an ordinance to help protect Chicago hotel workers from sexual harassment and assault.  The ordinance will ensure that hotels provide a panic button to every hotel worker in Chicago that works alone in a guest room or restroom.  It also requires hotels to develop, comply with and post a written anti-sexual harassment policy to address instances of sexual misconduct by guests.
A 2016 survey conducted by UNITE HERE Local 1 of nearly 500 women working in the Chicagoland hospitality industry revealed the frequent and widespread nature of sexual harassment by hotel guests:
  • 58% of hotel workers surveyed had experienced sexual harassment from guests, including incidences of sexual assault.
  • 49% of housekeepers surveyed have had guest(s) expose themselves, flash them, or answer the door naked.
This legislation will provide much needed protections and address the unique risks that hotel workers face on the job.
In Solidarity,
Bob Reiter

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