Heat Illness Prevention Campaign: Summer 2018

    Heat Illness Prevention Campaign: Summer 2018

Heat is always a potential hazard when working outdoors in summer, and employers are responsible for keeping you healthy. Water, rest, and shade are the simple steps to prevent problems. A heat prevention program to plan and train for emergencies is important. This summer, be aware of the heat and ask your employer about their heat prevention program. Learn more here.

OSHA provides a plethora of resources which may be helpful for workers and local union, including posters this FAQ and info page that also includes links to first aid tips and industry-specific standards. There are educational PDFs and social media graphics and videos available to help increase worker awareness about this preventable workplace illness.

OHSA also has a Heat Safety Tool app for both iPhone and Android smart phones.


From http://www.iatse.net/  -   5/2/18

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