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Sisters, Brothers, Kin —


On August 18th, 1920, the United States passed the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. And although achieving women’s suffrage in 1920 was a major victory, it would take another 45 years for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to pass, securing women of color the right to vote.


Now, 100 years later, a most consequential election approaches, and every vote counts.


Therefore, to commemorate this anniversary, we are encouraging members to take part in a day of action and pledge to vote!


What does it mean to pledge to vote? It means you are making a commitment to register to vote, check your registration status, confirm your polling location or submit an absentee ballot.


By taking this pledge, you can also pledge to encourage and help others vote, too!


Women voters have been the deciding factor in many past elections for years. Together, we can continue to amplify our collective voices and shape tomorrow by registering to vote today!


When we unite to pledge our vote, we can maximize women’s rights and opportunities, and raise awareness on the continued fight for women’s equality.


Lifting up our voices together can ensure increased influence by women in lawmaking, strengthening workplace equality, designing economic relief packages, and fostering legislative effectiveness throughout the chambers of Congress.


To check voter registration status, polling stations, or healthy tips to secure your vote, visit https://iatse.co/checkmyreg.


In solidarity,

The IATSE Women’s Committee



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