IATSE 2016 Year in Review

2016’s top stories from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees — the union behind entertainment.

January | Appointment of International Vice Presidents C. Faye Harper and Colleen Glynn

Appointment of 2nd International Vice President J. Walter Cahill and 7th International Vice President John T. “Jack” Beckman, Jr. announced their retirements at the IATSE General Executive Board Meeting in Hollywood, Florida.

The General Executive Board unanimously elected IATSE International Trustee and Local 834 Business Agent C. Faye Harper as 12th International Vice President and Local 11 Business Agent Colleen Glynn as 13th International Vice President.

To fill the vacancy left on the Board of Trustees by Harper’s election to the General Executive Board, Local 122 Business Agent Carlos Cota was elected unanimously as International Trustee.

February | IATSE Officer Institute 2.0 Launches

The first session of the IATSE Officer Institute 2.0 was held in February, with a focus on Organizing and Secretary-Treasurer skills. With the success of the original Officer Institute trainings, graduates requested advanced classes on many topics, but the two most requested classes are in Organizing and Secretary-Treasurer skills.

For the 2017 roster of Officer Institute trainings — original and 2.0 — please visit: www.iatse.net/iatse-officer-institute

April | CONNECTION Newsletter Launches

The IATSE Women’s Committee launched CONNECTION, a newsletter designed to reach out to the women and women of the IATSE, to share stories, recommend articles, and profile and honor women who are trailblazers within the IATSE and its diverse crafts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Formed in June 2015, the IATSE Women’s Committee invites everyone to join them in forming a connection with the IATSE community to make us stronger together.

To find out more about the IATSE Women’s Committee or sign up for the newsletter, click here: http://www.iatse.net/member-resources/womens-committee

May | Paving the Way for the Future at the 2016 IATSE Young Workers Conference

More than 100 young workers representing 58 locals around the U.S. and Canada met in Atlanta, Georgia, to discuss activism, get educated on union history and problem-solving, and network.

Young IATSE members have held successful Labor Day events, charity kickball tournaments, food/toy/clothing drives, organizing campaigns, and much more. We are committed to paving the way for the future of our union.

Special thanks to IATSE Local 479 for being amazing hosts, sharing their beautiful office space, and helping the Conference go off without a hitch.

June | First-ever Contract Ratified by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Crew, the newly-established Local 154

After an almost 22-month organizing campaign, the crew of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival negotiated and unanimously ratified their first-ever contract. The hardworking crew spoke up together and agreed upon a three-year agreement, securing benefits uniquely tailored to the OSF crew such as relocation benefits, specific turnaround times, meal penalties, weekly minimum guarantees, minimum call times, daily overtime, weekly overtime, and premium payments for work on dark days.

The OSF crew makes up IATSE Local 154, chosen for the number of Shakespeare’s sonnets. President Loeb travelled to Ashland, Oregon, to deliver the charter for the newly-established Local 154 and installed its officers.

IATSE Raises Over 235,605 Meals For Food Banks Canada’s “Every Plate Full” Campaign

For the second year, IATSE partnered with Food Banks Canada on their “Every Plate Full” campaign, which aims to raise food and funds for hungry Canadians during the summer months, when donations tend to slow down.

With every dollar raised translating to three meals, the IATSE set a goal of raising 200,000 meals nationally. Each local was invited to participate and Food Banks Canada matched participating locals a food bank in their area of the country. Local team captains set up a donation page on the Every Plate Full website so that members could donate directly to their local’s total.

The IATSE is proud that our members and locals increased participation over last year, and thrilled that we smashed our goal with a national total of over 235,000 meals. Local 212 topped the donations with $21,048 raised, and Local 828 raised the most on a per capita basis, with $1730, or $23.07 per member.

August | Louisiana Flood Relief Efforts

Heavy rains hit Louisiana over the summer, causing severe flooding and damage. The response from IATSE members to help with disaster relief was incredible.

Members of IATSE Local 478 (Studio Mechanics, Louisiana & Southern Mississippi) volunteered time, money, and resources to service affected areas. Local 478 members, including carpenters, welders, and set construction workers, volunteered their time and skills to help gut and clean homes damaged by floods.

In the wake of the devastation from the flooding in Louisiana, numerous IATSE sisters and brothers donated directly to Local 478 to assist with relief efforts. The IATSE International donated $10,000 to Local 478 to support their flood relief efforts.

September | 19,000+ hours of training logged with online education provider Lynda.com; Subscription Program Renewed to Provide Education for IATSE Members

In the fall of 2015, in a continuing effort to provide professional development opportunities for all IATSE members, the Education and Training Department added a valuable new tool to our training arsenal — Lynda.com. Through this partnership, subscribed members have had unlimited access to Lynda.com’s online library of over 3,500 high quality instructional videos across a wide spectrum of technologies.

As of 2016, entertainment workers represented by the IATSE have viewed a total of 19,442 hours of educational video! More than 272,000 videos have been viewed, ranging from trainings in animation and editing software, business writing, negotiation, and much more.

Learn more about the IATSE’s premium annual discounted Lynda.com subscription at: http://www.iatse.net/member-education/lynda

December | Labour Scores a Hat Trick for All Canadian Workers

For years, the Canadian labour movement has endeavoured to better the lives of all workers. This year, a number of our campaigns bore fruit.
In March, Canadians were thrilled that the regressive changes made to Employment Insurance by the Conservative government were repealed and the program was made more accessible for all workers.

In June, the Liberals announced that it will increase benefits under the Canada Pension Plan, which is paid into by all Canadians during their working lives. Once changes are fully implemented, maximum annual benefits will increase by about one-third, from approximately $12,000 to $16,000 annually, representing real progress on retirement security for the next generation of Canadian workers.