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As a response to the increased interest Local unions and members have expressed in social media, we are happy to provide this IATSE Social Media Guide as an introduction to Facebook and Twitter, and how it can be used as a professional tool for a local union or member. 

Click here to download the Social Media Guide and click here to download the Netiquette Guide.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create and maintain Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, as well as receive answers to frequently asked questions.  There is background information on social media networks and their merits, and an abundance of resources you can consult once you’re on your way.

The “Netiquette” guide explains the social code of the Internet - the dos and don’ts of the internet that you can share with members.


We want your feedback! If you have comments, questions, or want a hard copy of the Social Media Guide, please contact Communications Outreach Coordinator Molly Katchpole at mkatchpole@iatse.net.

IATSE's Social Media Trainings for Unions

The IATSE Communications Department created two narrated social media trainings specifically for unions that are available for free!

The Facebook Best Practices training provides guidelines on running a page for your local union and covers page moderation, content creation, and insights and tracking.  Our Intro to Twitter for Labor Unions training walks you through making an account, content creation, and using hashtags.  Both trainings use plenty of examples from the IATSE and other labor unions, and we’ve given them to audiences at the AFL-CIO New York City Central Labor Council where we’ve received excellent feedback.

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You can find a full list of resources in the Social Media Guide - click here to download!

AFL-CIO Digital Training Series:  2014 | 2013 The AFL-CIO has a very robust online presence.  The "2014" link above will take you to the most recent digital trainings available online in 2014.  The "2013" link will bring you to a page with with three tracks: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  The entire series is tailored toward unions.

How to Use a Hashtag on Twitter:  Webinar | PowerPoint The IATSE developed and ran a webinar about using hashtags, in conjunction with the AFL-CIO's Digital Training Series.  If you’re a Twitter newbie, this quick and specific training will give you the ins and outs of hashtags: how to start one, why it’s useful and how to track the impact of a hashtag.

New Organizing Institute: Social Media for Organizations   The New Organizing Institute is a great group that helps folks use “digital tools” (email, social media, text messages, etc) for organizing purposes.  For example, the 2008 Obama campaign is widely credited for using digital tools in new, innovative ways and was able to reach a massive audience.  The link above will take you to a page about online organizing, and from there you can click around and find how to effectively use social media, making videos, writing emails, blogging, building a website, and so on.

Jason Mann’s book “Six Strategies to Promoting Your Union” Available to purchase here: http://www.amazon.com/Promoting-Your-Union-strategies-organizing/dp/1468137972

Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations School Offers courses on labor and communications, and qualifying IATSE members can use LEAP funding to reimburse classes. 

Download the Guide

Click the links below to download the Social Media Guide and Netiquette as PDFs.