IATSE Wants To Hear Your COVID-19 Stories

IATSE Wants To Hear Members’ Stories About Impact Of COVID-19 Shutdown


IATSE wants to hear from its members about their personal experiences during the COVID-19 shutdown of the entertainment industry. The union, which represents behind-the scenes workers, estimates that 95% of its members are now unemployed.

“As we continue to navigate during the COVID-19 crisis together,” the union told the leaders of its locals around the country, “it is important we communicate our personal experiences and the harmful impact of COVID-19 on entertainment industry workers. Therefore, we have created ‘Your Story, Our Story’ campaign.”

“Our mission is to shed light on our personal experiences and make sure the voices of our union are heard globally,” the union said. “Our willingness to stand up and highlight the scale of the lack of emergency relief assistance and resources for industry workers can enact meaningful change. Our stories in particular, can be a powerful way to replace fear with inspiration, strength and courage.

“Every week, stories from different members of our IATSE family will be shared across all IATSE social media platforms, as well as the AFL-CIO’s social media and website. By showing the world how this crisis is affecting us, we can humanize behind the scenes workers and win better legislation, benefits and labor practices in the long run.”

IATSE members can share their stories with the union here.


By David Robb

Labor Editor

April 6, 2020
From an Illinois Film Office Facebook post

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