IATSE Weekly Newsletter 7/2/2021







Working together, NYC Locals coordinated getting a Pride message displayed on various digital marquees across the city. Special thanks to Matthew Markoff of Association of Theatrical Press Agents & Managers - ATPAM for his hard work contacting the theatres, Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Local 798's John Jack Curtin for arranging the photos, and ICG for graciously providing a stills photographer.

Pictured are members from IATSE LOCAL ONE, Local 751, TWU Local 764, IATSE, Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Local 798, IATSE, United Scenic Artists  Local USA 829, Association of Theatrical Press Agents & Managers - ATPAM.



Celebrate the 69th Quadrennial IATSE Convention with new attire!

New Arrival Alert! Celebrate the 69th Quadrennial IATSE Convention with the new gold IATSE Together We Rise pin and unisex t-shirt, which features information about the Convention on the left sleeve. shop iatseswag.net 



2021 Stamp Out Hunger Donor Drive

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

As the need for food assistance is still more significant than ever, we are partnering with the National Association of Letter Carriers to allow everyone to continue to meet that need and help community food pantries and banks. The Stamp Out Hunger Donor Drive is a drive with a single mission—to feed the hungry in America, and as always, with your help, we will! Learn more ➔



Recording of IATSE Education Department's Heat Illness Prevention Webinar now Available


Excessive heat and sun exposure are potential hazards to IATSE workers, especially those who work outside during the summer months. Thankfully, heat illness is preventable. Join us for a conversation with Dr. Florinda Piano, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, to discuss how to stay safe working outside this summer. Topics will include how to prevent heat illness at work, how sun exposure can lead to heat illness, tips to prevent skin cancer, and much more! Watch now ➔



Strathmore ticket sellers picket as concerts resume



Strathmore ticket sellers (along with Scabby) will continue to greet concertgoers until management agrees to a fair contract that doesn't replace dedicated employees with kiosks! In the meantime, check out their new microsite for more information and join the virtual picket line at strathmorenews.com.


Featured Member Story


It’s Not Easy Being Greenspeople




Transforming winter into spring or creating faux forests and fanciful estates is all in a day’s work for these behind-the-scenes masters of foliage on movie and TV sets. When the producers of “Meet the Parents” wanted to shoot a fall scene in the winter, Local 52 member Ginny Walsh and the rest of the greens crew painstakingly placed fake autumn foliage, leaf by fall-colored leaf, onto trees that had long ago gone bare. “If it’s summer, they want winter; if it’s winter, they want summer,” she said.

For two decades, Walsh has worked as a greensperson on a variety of TV shows and movies, from “Meet the Parents” to, most recently, “The Gilded Age.” Greenspeople like Walsh provide and care for the assorted trees and shrubs and grasses on film sets — hence “greens” — but they’ll also step in and help with other nonvegetative tasks like, say, digging graves (for funeral scenes or mob hits) and trenches (for World War I battle sequences). Read more 





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