IATSE Wins 1st Place International Labor Communications Association Award

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The annual International Labor Communications Association (ILCA) Labor Media Awards recognizes excellence in labor communications.  This year, the IATSE placed first in the ILCA's "Internet Awards -Best Use of Social Media - National/International Unions" category for our 2014 "Save the Metropolitan Opera" online campaign.

During summer 2014, contracts expired for labor unions working inside of the Metropolitan Opera - read more about the dispute here (http://iatse.net/history/we-saved-met) - and a campaign was launched"  "Save the Metropolitan Opera."  The IATSE International Communications Department provided digital support for the Save the Met campaign by creating an online presence through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/savethemetopera), Twitter (https://twitter.com/WeSavedTheMet) and a website.

The campaign was carried out on the ground by members of IATSE Local One (stagehands), Local 751 (Treasurers and Ticket Sellers), Local 764 (Theatrical Wardrobe), Local 794 (TBSE), Local 798 (Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists), Local USA 829 (United Scenic Artists) and Local 829EE (Bill Posters) who worked at the Metrop0litan Opera.

The IATSE also received ILCA awards in 2014 and 2013:


First Place, General Excellence:  Magazines


First Place, General Excellence: Print and Internet/Website

First Place, Best Design:  Internet

Second Place, Best Use of Social Media



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   August 24, 2015