Sisters, Brothers, and Kin —

In 2018, hundreds of IATSE members from across the United States shared pictures of their “I voted” sticker on social media, using the hashtag #IATSEVotes. And with your help, this year we can do it bigger!

However, we recognize that many of us who voted early in person or by mail may not have their “I voted” sticker, and due to the pandemic, some polling places may forego giving away stickers this year entirely.

So, we invite you to snap a selfie with you wearing your favorite IATSE swag after you vote, and tell us why voting is important to you. Bonus points if you wear your “IATSE Votes” or “IATSE Supports Biden Harris” pins!


There are a few ways you can submit these pictures for use on the IATSE social media and the Official Bulletin:


  • Post photos to social media using the #IATSEVotes hashtag




We look forward to seeing your submissions!

In solidarity,