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IDES Reporting Updates:

VP Craig Carlson recently shared some timely information for our reference. Below is information that the Illinois Department of Employment Security “IDES” sent all employers. Attached to this email are three informational PDF documents: 1099-G’s, fraudulent claims, and identity theft, for your reference. Several of our colleagues have received fraudulent benefit determinations, which is a nationwide problem.

The below updates are from “IDES”:


1099-G Tax Forms

IDES is in the process of finalizing the annual 1099-G form mailing to all individuals who received unemployment insurance (UI) benefits in 2020. The Department understands that employers often answer questions from current or former employees regarding various forms they receive from state and federal agencies. IDES wants to share information regarding the 1099-G form, along with materials employers may find useful.

IDES has established a 1099-G page on the Department’s website 


( to provide answers to frequently asked questions, along with directional guidance should an individual feel they have received a 1099-G in error. IDES has created the attached infographic and explanatory sheet for your use. IDES has dedicated resources to handling 1099-G calls and investigating reports of fraud.


Reporting Identity Theft Fraud

IDES has developed a new reporting form for employers to report instances of identity theft which resulted in fraudulent claims being filed under the names of one or more of their employees. Attached, you will find a guide to securely submitting an identity theft report at Additional guidance to protect employees against identity theft fraud is available on IDES’s employer fraud webpage. IDES requests that all employer ID theft fraud claims now be submitted using the MyTax form and not through any individual IDES email accounts or telephone calls.


SIDES Registration

IDES strongly encourages employers to register for the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) that provides an easy, efficient and secure way to electronically receive and respond to UI Notice of Claims information requests. Additional information on SIDES is available on IDES’s website.


Our struggle continues, but so does our resolve, and our fight to get through this crisis together!




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