Contemporary Choreographers – Joffrey Ballet

Dates: 2/12/2014 - 2/23/2014

Location: Auditorium Theatre


show contemporarychoreographers-page22113Contemporary Choreographers


Choreography: Christopher Wheeldon
Music: György Ligeti

Wheeldon's contemporary masterpiece is a stunning abstract rendering of music into movement and patterns.  It is enchanting, wistful, and often profound.

Crossing Ashland

Choreography: Brock Clawson
Music: John Adams, Michelle McLaughlin, Martin Tillman, M83, Jeremy Limb

Named for the well-known Chicago street, Crossing Ashland is a metaphor for facing change within us.  With amazingly intertwined movement mixed with the mundaneness of urban pedestrians, the ballet explores vulnerability and the yearning for connection that exists in the human race.  

Episode 31

Choreography: Alexander Ekman
Music: Mikael Karlsson, Ane Brun & Erik Satie

An energetic playground, Episode 31 brings a youthful approach to dance with a strong sense of humor--contrasting pumping, almost tribal sequences with strong balletic poses that show off the dancers’ youth and vigor.  Episode 31 begins with a multimedia production embracing the Joffrey and Chicago.

All three are Joffrey Premiere performances


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