Join the coalition … to pass SB2181 & HB3251


Join the growing coalition that advocates for passage of SB 2181 and HB 3251.

The Illinois Production Alliance along with the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, the Motion Picture Association and the Film industry Labor Unions have worked with State Senator Elgie Sims and Representative Will Davis to craft legislation that will result in new jobs with an emphasis for women and minorities, increase supply chains that support small businesses, and increase creative content production in film and television. Highlights of the legislation include:

  • A modest expansion to allow for a *limited number of non-resident wages to qualify for the credit

    • *Qualifying Non-resident wages are limited to, Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Production Accountant, VFX Supervisor, Editor, Composer

  • In qualified productions of $25,000,000 or less, no more than 2 non-resident actors qualify

  • In qualified productions of more than $25,000,000, no more than 4 non-resident actors qualify

  • $500,000 cap on each qualified resident and non-resident wages

  • Creates the Illinois Production Workforce Development Fund which is funded entirely by the qualified productions, to allow the Department of Commerce and Economic Development make grants to qualified organizations that provide film production workforce training programs. 50% of the grant funds must be allocated to minority owned organizations, or educational/training programs whose participants represent a minimum of 50% minorities

  • Effective July 1st, 2021

Our coalition is growing stronger everyday as we work to advocate for the passage of the SB 2181 and HB 3251.HUGE THANKS to everyone who responded to our Special Edition Action Alert, in less than a week we have collected close to 500 signatures of support. In addition, over 50 associations, labor unions, businesses, education and community organizations have pledged their support. We need to keep that momentum going, there are many more members of the community out there who have not yet signed on. If you have not, please do so today. If you have, invite others to join you by contacting your colleagues by forwarding this newsletter.

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Support S.B. 2181 and HB 3251




Importantly, this initiative represents one of the pillars for our state’s economic recovery and future. In the last decade, with over $3.1 Billion in direct spending -- a 280% increase-- representing a $11.5 Return on Investment the Film Production Tax Incentive has proved to be the most successful public private programs in state government.

Here is where it gets “bumpy”. The final weeks of session, things move fast, many decisions have to be made under the pressure of the statutory deadlines. Debates will take place on the floor and in hearings, rumors will fly, deals will be cut, votes will be taken, and alas time will run out with opportunities lost to another year.



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