Leave the Light On

The ghost light, a single bulb in an empty theater, is for safety -- and superstition.

(Auditorium Theater.  Joffrey Ballet completed a run of Anna Karenina the  night before, so the sprung deck is still on the stage.)


Whether they're holding the paranormal at bay or preventing a misstep into the orchestra pit, ghost lights have been keeping Chicago stages safe for more than a century. Traditionally a single light bulb fitted in a cage atop a tall stand, the ghost light is a fixture placed on stage just before the theater goes dark and acts as bare-bones illumination. And, just in case, to keep spirit mischief to a minimum.


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(Lyric Opera of Chicago, Ardis Kranik Theater. That day, the set for La traviata was being struck so that the set for Ariodante could take its place for a main stage rehearsal. The current productions were Verdi's La traviata and Strauss’s Elektra, with Ariodante opening on 3/2/2019.)


- Matthew Gilson - 3/29/19





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