Lines Ballet: Collaboration with Edgar Meyer

Date:  2/28/2014

Location:  Harris Theater


harris meyer cheherazade_photo_C7C1AD9-924x300Alonzo King’s collaboration with the Grammy Award winning composer and bass virtuoso Edgar Meyer is a welcoming piece of stunning moments, heart-piercing melodies, and touches of narrative rarely seen in King’s choreography.

Created for the Company’s 30th anniversary, Meyer is lusciously textured with a striking backdrop of synchronized water created by the Academy Award winning designer Jim Doyle.  Meyer speaks of the complexities of human behavior in a piece that pulses with playfulness. King’s solos and duets alternate from exhilarating tear-up-the-space dancing to his sensitive and at times contentious partnering.

Meyer’s commissioned score, an appealing mix of classical and jazz for cello, violin, double bass, and piano, gives the piece and the performers a feeling of improvisational freedom uniquely honoring the roots of both contemporary dance and classical ballet.

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