Local 769 and Hurricane Relief


At our September union meeting, President John Salyers asked Brother Tom Pusateri to talk about our local contributing to hurricane relief funds.  The three charities discussed were: The Walsh/ Di Tolla/ Spivak Foundation (c/o IATSE), The Actor’s Fund and Behind the Scenes.

After a discussion of what amounts to contribute, it was decided that the local would donate to The Walsh/Di Tolla/ Spivak Foundation and The Actor’s Fund.  We will look for more information on Behind the Scenes before we donate.

A motion was made to donate $5000 each to The Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation and The Actor’s Fund. 

(All three organizations support members of the theatrical community in times of need.)


For more information on the three charities:


The Walsh/DiTolla/Spivak Foundation -  http://www.iatse.net/hurricane-relief

The Actors Fund - http://actorsfund.org/

     Behind the Scenes - http://behindthescenescharity.org/bts.htm









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