Mayor Lightfoot’s Advisory – Special Edition on New COVID-19 Restrictions

November 13, 2020



Mayor Lightfoot’s Advisory
Special Edition on New COVID-19 Restrictions


As predicted by the scientists and health professionals, the fall finds our entire country under siege from the virus. A lot has been learned since the onset this past spring with regard to transmission and treatment. Keeping the community safe is the number #1 priority of our state and local governments. On Thursday, November 12, Chicago’s Mayor issued further restrictions to do just that. We break down what the film community needs to know (and do) in this special edition.

Be Smart, Be Safe, Stay Healthy.

The Board of the IPA.


Chicago's Stay-At-Home Advisory


The City of Chicago has announced a Stay-At-Home Advisory that will begin on Monday, Nov. 16thThe advisory will stay in place for 30 days.

  • Only leave home to go to work or school, or for essential needs such as seeking medical care, going to the grocery store or pharmacy, picking up takeout food or receiving deliveries. If you do leave home, practice social distancing by staying 6 feet away from others and wearing a face covering at all times.

  • Do not have gatherings in your home with anybody outside of your household (except for essential staff such as home health care workers or educators), even with trusted family or friends.

  • Avoid all non-essential, out-of-state travel; if travel is essential, quarantining or testing negative prior to travel is required, depending on which state a traveler is originating from.

  • Comply with city and state orders, including wearing face coverings, limiting gatherings and mandating early closure of non-essential businesses at 11 p.m.

  • Practice social distancing and avoid touching surfaces frequently touched by others if you go outside to get fresh air.

  • Use remote modes of communication like phone or video chat instead of visiting friends or family, especially on holidays such as Thanksgiving.


Will this Advisory affect film production? Chicago Film Office Director, Kwame Amoaku, has explained that film production is not currently affected by this advisory.


Film Production
 is considered essential manufacturing and therefore film production workers are essential workers as determined by the Mayor’s COVID-19 Recovery Task Force and the State of Illinois DCEO guidelines. The designation was given after review by the State and City health departments of the film industry health and safety white paper resulting in the government’s COVID-19 protocols for filming earlier this year. The strict protocols, including frequent testing, provide that production can continue safely for the cast, crew and general public. As COVID conditions are fluid, all government protocols are continually evaluated to ensure the utmost protections.


To that end, the Chicago Film Office will now require "all productions to submit test results every Friday. The total number of tests and the total number of positive cases." Amoaku stated that this information will help the Chicago Department of Health track transmission rates in the Film sector and is "vital" in showing that the industry safety protocols are working.


The IPA joins Amoaku in stressing the importance of remaining safe on and off set. You are not only responsible to the safety of your work environment, but to the entire community. Please comply with the guidelines of the Mayor’s advisory when you are not at the workplace. Remaining healthy is the key to maintaining the essential work status. Regrettably, the predicted surge of cases is upon us. Health professionals and scientists are forecasting it will get worse in the coming weeks and further strain the health care system. Don’t contribute to becoming a “major source of transmission”. Please remember your actions impact your livelihood, your home and your work family, and our entire community. Exercise Discipline and Restraint by following the CDC and local health department guidelines. This is not a fire-drill.




The Chicago Film Office is there to assist you with questions. You can contact them via email: