Mid-Summer Virtual General Executive Board Meeting:

Mid-Summer Virtual General Executive Board Meeting


Both President Scott and I participated/represented Local 769 at the IATSE Mid-Summer GEB sessions this past Tuesday/Wednesday. It was originally scheduled to be held in Seattle this week but was changed to a virtual structure due to our current pandemic situation. It was an intense, detailed and at times highly charged format  President Loeb called to order and requested updates/reports from several key divisions of our IA. The following committees gave presentations focusing primarily on the challenges along with IA responses associated with the COVID-19 situation. The overall theme was focused on the current political climate issues as well as safe back to work plan for all in our alliance. A detailed summary of all reports will be included in the next edition of the IATSE Bulletin:.


1.  IATSE Financials & IATSENBF: General Secretary Treasurer James Woods

2.  Defense Fund Report

3.  Stagecraft Division: VP  Daniel Di Tolla

4.  Motion Picture and Television Department: VP Michael Miller

5.  Trade Show Division: VP Joanne Sanders

6.  Communications Committee Update: Director Jonas Loeb  ,

7.  Women's Committee Update: VP Joanne Sanders

8.  Education & Training Department Update: Director Patricia White

9.  Canadian Affairs: VP John Lewis

10 .Legal Affairs: Samantha Delaney

11. Broadcast Department: Representative: Fran Hern

12. Disaster Response Committee: Representative Trustee Andrew Oyaas

13. IATSE Pride Committee: Representative Nate Richmond

14. IATSE Political Department/Legislative Affairs: Director Tyler McIntosh


President Loeb extended his regards to all members and reiterated his commitment to all of  our members during this unprecedented and challenging time.


A special thanks and shout out of acknowledgement to Sister Cheryl Weber who agreed to assist and represent L769 as our assigned Delegate at the 2020 Illinois AFL-CIO Convention. This important meeting unfortunately overlapped with our GEB, and L769 was represented at both!


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