MORE things heard at the IATSE Convention…


More things heard at the IATSE Convention ...

The action that caused the IATSE to unionize was a strike in 1886, in New York City.  Stagehands walked out due to unsafe working conditions.  The owners of the theaters banded together to replace the stagehands.  When that happened, the actors working in the theaters walked out and said they didn't feel safe working on the stage with unskilled stagehands.  The strike was effective.  Within five years all the stagehands in New York theatres and several in other American cities became unionized.  When Toronto and Montreal stagehands joined, the union became known as the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.

Resolutions were passed at today's convention on the following topics...
-to promote single-payer healthcare in the United States.
-to fight the adoption of a national "Right To Work" bill.
-to promote work place safety and bring about the end of extended hours for stagehands.  The rule should be "12 ON, 12 OFF."
-to promote diversity and equity.
-to promote paid family and sick leave.
-to promote "green" policies.
-to promote the end of bigotry in the work place and in society in general.
-to promote the end of physical abuse of any kind in the work place.
-to promote and explore the opportunities for growth of the Union.
-to promote a national $15 minimum wage.

Since the last IATSE Convention, the membership has grown by 17%!!!

There are more stagehands working for the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, than in all the Broadway theaters combined.


John Salyers, President

Wardrobe Local 769

July 19 2017