AFL-CIO President Trumka @ the DNC

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My Remarks for Working People at the DNC

Working people are speaking loud and clear at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week about building the kind of America where we can work hard, negotiate for a better life and share in the prosperity we create every day.

Hillary Clinton is a champion of working people and our vision for the future.

I was honored to join labor leaders on the stage representing the millions of working people in unions.

Here are my remarks:

It’s great to be in Philadelphia — a proud union town.

Working people built this stage.  And together we are going to build a new era of shared prosperity.

Working people are strong.  And Donald Trump?  He is flat-out wrong.

Listen, he thinks he is a tough guy.  Well, Mr. Trump, I worked in the mines with tough guys.  I know tough guys, and they are friends of mine.  Mr. Trump, you’re no tough guy.

Donald Trump repeatedly has outsourced America’s jobs to line his own pockets.

He rooted for the financial and housing collapse.

And he actually said our wages are “too high.”

Donald Trump isn’t the solution to America’s problems.  He IS the problem.

Working people…we have the solutions.  We are building a national movement for a better life — no matter the color of our skin, where we were born, who we love or how we worship.  We set the bar high.

And Hillary Clinton answered the call.

In this election, she is fighting to rewrite the economic rules for all of us.

She has a bold plan to invest in manufacturing, infrastructure and jobs.

She opposes the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership.

She will protect workplace rights, stand up to Wall Street and finally, finally secure equal pay for equal work.

So get on your feet, Democrats.

Let’s change the rules.  Let’s take back Congress.

Let’s win a pro-worker Supreme Court.  And let’s elect Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States!

Thank you very much.  God bless you all.

AFL-CIO President representing more than 12M workers promoting workplace rights, a voice on the job and economic fairness for all working people.