NAOSH Week: May 7–13

NAOSH Week: May 7–13

The North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH), is May 7–13, 2017.  This week is dedicated to raising safety and health awareness in workplaces throughout Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.  There are many events that can be planned for this week – simple things, like posting safety reminders on employee bulletin boards or articles in local union newsletters.  Other things might be working with employers to have more safety meetings or organizing safety trainings at your local for this week.  NAOSH Week is a great time to have a class.

Another aspect of NAOSH Week is to promote safety in the community.  Holding a safety awareness class for high school or college students can help to protect them as they enter the job world, and allow your union to have a positive interaction in their community.

If you have a training person at the local, you can use the “Intro to OSHA” module for an OSHA 10 Hour training to put on a class.  It has great information about OSHA, workers’ rights, and how to report hazards.

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