New IFO Director: Christine Dudley

filmThe new director of the Illinois Film Office is Christine T. Dudley, a long-time Republican  political, public and government affairs consultant, who will assume  her new role Tuesday, Feb. 17.

She will be the sixth  IFO director since the office was established in the late 1970s, and  the first purely political appointee to that office.

“She is at the front  door of politics and it’s a good thing to have that connection,”  says Ron Ver Kuilen, IFO director 1994-2004 who served in the film office  for 20 years and has met Dudley on several occasions.

“She is focused, has  her act together and is personable,” he says.  “Knowing what political  muscle is all about, she’ll pass the ‘stink test’ with the industry  very easily and her power should work advantageously for the industry’s  continued growth,” he says.

Dudley’s entry comes  at a time when total Illinois visual transmedia production is an estimated  $538 million.  Her first official IFO duty will be attending the  AFCI Locations Show in LA, March 5-7, where she will meet her counterpart  from other states and countries.

Giving Dudley “a big  welcome” are Local 476 business manager Mark Hogan and president Brad  Matthys, who say they’re excited to meet her and “we look forward  to working with her to continue the successful production momentum we  have going here.” 

According to her bio, Dudley’s career has been devoted to Republican politics,  mentoring women for leadership positions and serving on boards of political  and cultural organizations.

Her consulting business  provides strategic planning to political, public and government affairs  clients, with a focus on grass roots engagement, management and compliance,  media strategies and event planning.

Her political background  includes having been Regional Political Director for the National Republican  National Committee and the executive director of the Illinois Republican Party.

She belongs to several  boards and has many prestigious awards to her credit.

Dudley is a native of  South Bend and attended the University of Indiana.

Dudley will be the sixth  director of the Illinois Film Office since it was established in the  1970s.  Her predecessors have been Lucy Salenger, Susie Kellett,  Ron Ver Kuilen, Brenda Sexton and Betsy Steinberg.

Steinberg, who was abruptly  pinkslipped Jan. 5 by the new administration, said at the time that  she’d hope to stay a while longer to be able to help her successor  through the transition.

Steinberg will be the  guest of honor at a dinner hosted by the Illinois Production Alliance  board Wednesday night at Sunda restaurant.



By Ruth L Ratny - February 9, 2015