Outreach Relief — Further Supporting Our Membership



Thanks to those members who joined us last evening, Wednesday, July 15th, for our monthly meeting. It was encouraging to have such a large turnout to discuss the pressing issues for our Local. I also want to specifically acknowledge and thank our Board of Trustees, Jason HeiseyKrystina Lowe and Mary Monahan for their time and efforts in reviewing and approving our financial accounting practices.


Your Executive Board has had numerous dialogues and strategy sessions over the past few months to navigate the myriad of recent issues pertaining to this pandemic. Foremost has been our efforts to determine a prudent plan for further supporting our membership financially during this difficult time; as well as facilitating IATSE safe return to work best practices.


I am pleased to announce that we have recommended, and have received a unanimous membership approval vote for an initiative to refund each member 33% of their 2019 total working dues!!! We're aiming to process these disbursements some time in mid-August, so please check your mail carefully.




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