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image01The Stand Up, Fight Back campaign has been launched as a way for the IATSE to stand up to the recent attacks on our members from anti-worker politicians. The IATSE believes that we must stand up to these attacks and ramp up our voice in politics through waging this campaign. The mission of the Stand Up, Fight Back campaign is to increase IATSE-PAC contributions and the IATSE’s commitment to fighting politicians and policies that do not benefit our members. 

The IATSE, along with every other union and guild across the country, has come under recent attacks. Everywhere from Madison, Wisconsin to Washington, DC, anti-worker politicians are trying to silence the voices of American workers by taking away their collective bargaining rights, stripping their healthcare coverage, and doing away with defined pension plans. 


Who can give to IATSE-PAC?

Members and employees of the IATSE and IATSE local unions (and their families), who reside in the United States, may contribute to the IATSE-PAC.

Why am I being asked to contribute to PAC?

Over the last couple of months, attacks on labor unions have accelerated into an all-out assault on workers across the country. In many states, American workers have been blamed for the financial crises and have been the chief target of many state budget cuts despite corporations reporting record profits. The momentum began with Wisconsin, but is now continuing in New Hampshire, Florida, Maine, and Ohio. In Washington, Congress is making major decisions that affect IATSE workers nationwide, concerning issues such as digital theft, the funding of Medicare, and collective bargaining. Giving to PAC allows us to fight for legislation that benefits IATSE (digital theft) and against legislation that hurts working men and women (funding of Medicare, and collective bargaining).

I already pay dues, why should I contribute to PAC?

Federal law prohibits the use of union dues from being used for political purposes, so in order to participate in the political process and have a greater voice on issues impacting you as a member of the IATSE, and become part of the IATSE’s Stand Up, Fight Back campaign, you have to voluntarily give to the IATSE-PAC.

What do I get for enrolling in the IATSE-PAC contribution program?

By joining at the Activist’s Level ($10/month), you will receive an IATSE-PAC lapel pin. If you join at the Leader’s Level ($20/month), you will receive an IATSE-PAC t-shirt. If you join at the President’s Level ($40/month), you will receive an IATSE-PAC cap. Contribution amounts are suggestions only and you may contribute more or less than these suggested amounts.

Which PAC card do I use?

Depending on whether your employer has a payroll deduction plan or not will help determine whether you have checkoff ability or not.

If you do have checkoff ability, you will need to fill out the “Payroll Authorization Card,” which will allow you to contribute a certain amount per pay period through payroll deduction.  Example:  if you wish to contribute $10 a month and you get paid twice a month, you should enter $5 per pay period in the blank that indicates how much will be deducted from your paycheck each pay period.

If you do not have checkoff ability or would just rather pay by credit or debit card, fill out the “Voucher for Credit/Debit Deductions” card, which will automatically deduct a monthly contribution in an amount designated by you.  

I have filled out my PAC card, what do I do with it?

If you have filled out a Payroll Authorization PAC card, give it to your Local Business Agent or President.  He or she will forward it to your employer and will notify the IATSE-PAC of your decision and contribution amount. If you have filled out a Credit/Debit Card Deduction Card, please give one copy of the card to your Local and send one copy to:

207 W. 25th St., 4th Fl.
New York, NY 10001
Telephone: 212-730-1770
Fax: 212-730-7809
Contact: Deborah Reid

What happens to my PAC card after I submit it to the IATSE General Office?

Because your PAC cards contain sensitive information, the IATSE-PAC will record the data in a secure manner at the IATSE General Office. 

Where will my contribution go?

The IATSE- PAC is explicitly non-partisan and its funds are intended to support issues and candidates  who have and will stand with workers on matters important to IATSE. By extension, the IATSE-PAC will also be used to fund campaigns against politicians that have consistently stood against IATSE and its issues.

I want to help advertise the IATSE-PAC in my work place. Where can I get the proper materials for that?

In this PAC section, you can download information that you can use when talking to fellow IATSE members about joining PAC, in addition to information on alternate methods of mobilizing your members. Flyers for joining PAC and more information about the issues and policies that you care about most can be posted at your worksite depending on employer rules.

How much should I contribute?

While there are suggested giving levels of $10 a month (Activist’s Club), $20 a month (Leader’s Club), and $40 a month (President’s Club), these contribution amounts are suggestions only, and you may contribute more or less than the suggested amounts. A person's contribution to the IATSE-PAC may not exceed $5,000.00 per year. Contributors must be United States citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States. The IATSE-PAC may not accept contributions from corporate accounts.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

No, political contributions to PACs are not tax deductible.

What if I do not want to give to IATSE-PAC?

All contributions to the IATSE-PAC are voluntary. The amount contributed, or the decision not to contribute, will not be the basis for the IATSE or any of its locals to benefit or disadvantage the member or his/her family. Neither the IATSE nor any of its locals will retaliate against a member for deciding not to contribute, or based upon the amount of the contribution.


The following are the rules for solicitations for contributions to the PAC.  
These rules must be displayed, posted, or otherwise noted whenever 
contributions are solicited as noted above.

  • The signing of an authorization card and the making of contributions to the IATSE-PAC are not conditions of membership in the union nor of employment with the Company and you may refuse to do so without fear of reprisal.

  • You are making a contribution to fund-raising efforts sponsored by the IATSE-PAC and the IATSE- PAC will use your contributions for political purposes, including but not limited to, the making of contributions to or expenditures on behalf of candidates for federal office, and addressing political issues of public importance.

  • Federal law requires the IATSE-PAC to use its best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and the name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.

  • Contributions or gifts to the IATSE-PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

  • Any contribution guideline is merely a suggestion and you may contribute more, less or nothing at all without favor or disadvantage from IATSE.

  • The IATSE-PAC is unable to accept monies from Canadian members of the IATSE.

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