Senate overrides veto of pension bill

cflThank you to the members of the Illinois House and Senate, and especially Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton, for voting to override Governor Rauner’s irresponsible veto of Senate Bill 777.  They showed great leadership by not turning their backs on the city of Chicago.  The pension deficit is the result of 30 years of pension holidays, borrowing from the system, and no new revenue sources to cover the shortfall.  Our first responders risk their lives every day to keep the residents of Chicago safe and deserve to retire with the dignity that their pensions will provide.  The city, organized labor and business came together to develop a responsible solution to save this severely underfunded pension fund, without overburdening the city’s taxpayers, and Springfield supported this effort.  This is the type of governing we need to make progress in Illinois, not the chaos Governor Rauner is intent on imposing on Illinois taxpayers and workers.



Rahm wins big over Rauner in police and fire pension bill fight

Tina Sfondeles - Chicago Sun-Times

SPRINGFIELD — Just days after Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Gov. Bruce Rauner told Chicago taxpayers to “take a hike,” Democrats delivered the same message to the governor.I

In a stunning move, the Illinois House on Monday voted 72-43 to override Rauner’s veto of the Chicago police and fire pension bill that had sparked a war of words between the Republican governor and Emanuel. The action came just hours after the Illinois Senate voted 39-19 to override the bill. It will now become law.


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