Sign the AFL-CIO petition: Expand Social Security!


For years, all the talk in Washington, D.C., and in the media has been about how to best cut Social Security.  Talk about out of touch.  A huge majority (nearly 80%) of Americans support the idea of expanding, not cutting, Social Security benefits.

Working families know that Social Security is a lifeline for many Americans.  Millions of seniors, veterans and people with disabilities rely on Social Security benefits for the majority of their income.  And we have a chance in the coming week to put Social Security expansion on the agenda of our lawmakers.

The White House will be holding a Conference on Aging on July 13, and we’re joining with a diverse group of partners to deliver a petition to the conference calling for expanding Social Security.

Sign the petition now to tell the White House Conference on Aging that we must protect and expand Social Security benefits for millions of Americans.

Currently, the conference isn’t even considering expansion as one of the solutions it will discuss.  We can make sure it gets added if we apply enough pressure.

Sure, some pundits and politicians will tell you that Social Security needs to be cut, but that’s neither the moral thing to do nor the smart thing to do.  Cuts would be devastating.  Americans aren’t getting rich off of Social Security.  The average annual benefit for those who rely on the program for the majority of their income is just $16,000.  That amount of money barely covers the cost of housing, food and other basic needs.

And it’s only going to get harder for future retirees because employers keep trying to cut real pensions and other retirement benefits. That’s why it’s more critical than ever that Social Security not only continues to provide the modest benefits that it currently does, but that it be expanded to provide a lifeline for more seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

More lawmakers in Congress are starting to get on board with the urgent need to expand Social Security benefits.  A majority of congressional Democrats are now on the record supporting expansion.  We’re starting to steer the conversation in a more productive direction.  Let’s keep building on this momentum and make sure the White House Conference on Aging includes expansion in its recommendations.

Sign the petition now to urge the White House Conference on Aging to include Social Security expansion as a key piece of its policy agenda.



Damon Silvers

Director of Policy, AFL-CIO