Stay the Course

   Stay the Course

From The Official Bulletin: 2017 Q1 / No. 655:

"As we move forward toward our 68th Convention this July, there is much uncertainty about future policy that relates to workers, the interests of unions and causes that the IATSE and unions in general support.  It is a time when serious analysis of our priorities must be made, and strategies formed, to secure the best outcomes for the members and their families.

But remember, as is often the case, change also presents some opportunities which can be capitalized upon.  And, of course, the things that have always made unions strong like market share and density in our industries, growth that brings us strength, training in craft and safety so we remain the go-to labor force, solidarity and making our voices heard remain the bedrocks of our success.


Some of the likely challenges ahead include:

  • Unions under a new administration will likely face more stringent and resource-consuming audits and investigations.  This burden will be particularly pronounced for smaller Locals
  • New legislation potentially including national "right-to-work", paycheck deception, prevailing wage and voter suppression.  A number of actions have begun at the state level already.
  • Healthcare, medicare and social security have been targeted by some
  • Budget and tax policy benefiting the very rich
  • Cabinet and Supreme Court nominations


Some opportunities include:

  • The U.S. withdrawing from the Transpacific Partnership trade agreement that would be damaging to U.S. jobs and the economy (already done)
  • Some tax proposals that may lend toward a more fair system
  • Investment in infrastructure that will create jobs and improve systems like bridges, tunnels, roads and airports


The IATSE and the labor movement will remain actively engaged to identify and protect the interests of its members.  We in the IA are uniquely situated to not just survive, but to succeed.  Through the attacks on labor in the past several years we have grown considerably.  Our industries are flourishing.  An IA card is a credential and we've added tremendous value to membership through training, strong leadership and good contracts.  But in order to continue to prosper we must do what we've always done; fight for a fair shake.  And the best way to do that is with our tremendous skills and abilities, bringing the world the wonder of entertainment in a safe and professional manner.  Finally, we must continue to grow, redoubling organizing efforts and bring qualified technicians and artisans into membership so that we build strength as opposed to competition through exclusion.  We certainly face challenges ahead, but we've overcome obstacles to our success since 1893 and, as we stand together, we shall face the future focused and determined on behalf of the membership."





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