Tell Congress to Stop Fast Track

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     What is "Fast Track" ?


What is Fast Track?

Fast Track legislation shrouds trade deals in secrecy.  It makes it nearly impossible for Congress to fix trade deals that harm our economy and environment.  It prevents citizens from providing input to proposals while the deal is being negotiated.  It makes you wonder what they're trying to hide.

Act Now

Tell your Congressperson to stop Fast Track.  It undermines our democracy and almost always ends in trade deals that benefit corporations and the rich, eliminate jobs, and cut wages and benefits for millions of hardworking families across America.Call 1-855-712-8441 or sign the petition here and say no to Fast Track.

10 Reasons to Stop Fast Track 

Costs Jobs:  Trade policies adopted under Fast Track have cost us more than 1 million jobs and contributed to the shuttering of more than 60,000 factories.

Benefits the 1%:  Fast Track ensures that trade policies are made by and for multinational corporations and the wealthy, making income distribution even more unequal and making it harder to get a raise.

Undermines Democracy:  Fast Track doesn't allow adequate public scrutiny of trade deals while they are being negotiated, and permits only a simple up-or-down vote—no amendments.

Gives Power to Corporate Lobbyists:  Fast-tracked trade deals almost always include rights and privileges to foreign investors that our home-grown businesses don't even have.

Prevents Amendments:  Fast Track doesn't allow our representatives to amend trade deals, no matter how problematic some provisions might be.

Permits Foreign Currency Manipulation:  Current Fast Track legislation doesn't require trade agreements to contain adequate provisions addressing currency manipulation.

Neglects Jobs:  The current Fast Track legislation doesn't include negotiating objectives on job creation, reducing the trade deficit or protecting “Buy American” policies.

Lowers Access to Medicines:  The current Fast Track legislation includes objectives that would interfere with the ability of governments to ensure the provision of affordable, life-saving medicines.>

Hurts the Environment:  Previous trade deals negotiated under Fast Track have weakened environmental protections.

Offshores Jobs:  Current Fast Track legislation promotes U.S. participation in "global value chains," which is shorthand for offshoring production to places with weak labor and environmental laws and enforcement.


Any trade deal is going to have a huge impact on America's workers.  And we want to make sure that future trade deals protect U.S. jobs, don't give multinational corporations unfair advantages, don't harm the environment or turn a blind eye to countries that abuse workers.

But Fast Track legislation allows power brokers to shape trade deals to their advantage and shields the details from the public and policy experts alike.

Fill out your information to the right and sign our petition to tell Congress that Fast Track legislation is undemocratic and trade deals should not be crafted behind closed doors.

Sign the petition:!/take-action




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