Tell members of Congress: Reduce child poverty!



Tell Congress to pass legislation that prioritizes children and families. Click here to send a letter to your members of Congress.

The American Rescue Plan made substantial investments in children and families ― cutting child poverty in half. But these investments only last one year.


President Biden proposed a package that invests in education, health care, housing, child care and more. And it raises taxes on corporations and the wealthy to make them pay their fair share.


Congress is deciding which policies to keep for the long-term plan. We need to make sure children and families are its top priority.


We call on Congress to include policies that help families and invest in children that:


     Permanently keep the increased child tax credit and earned-income tax credit.


     Provide universal preschool for 3 & 4-year-olds & free community college.


     Develop comprehensive paid family and medical leave and sick leave.


Send a letter to your members of Congress telling them to reduce child poverty permanently and invest in our future.


In Solidarity,


Liz Shuler

Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO