Thank you, Georgia. Thank you, Union Members.




We were going to send this yesterday (Wednesday, January 6th), but with the attack on democracy, we held it. We’re sending this today because we have hope, and because working people made the difference and it is more important than ever to honor the work that we did in Georgia.


In Solidarity,







We did it. We won.


Led by folks on the ground in Georgia, working people across the country went above and beyond to get the vote out. We elected the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff: two pro-union champions who will become our newest senators and will fight for working people.


Now, we will have a pro-labor majority in the U.S. Senate and a chance at getting the real labor law reform and COVID-19 relief we’ve been fighting for.


Workers made nearly 750,000 calls.


Workers (safely) knocked on more than 1.5 million doors.


Workers sent more than 400,000 postcards to union members and nonunion members in Georgia.


Our Labor Coalition for Community Action built bridges between the labor movement and the Black, Asian American, Pacific Islanders, women, Latino and LGBTQ communities in Georgia. The coalition led its own campaign on the ground with phone banks, literature drops and postcards.


We did all that together. And we won.


We still need laws that protect workers’ rights, which have been under attack for so long. We still need real relief during this pandemic, which is months overdue. We’ll have actions for you to take and opportunities to be heard in our continuing fight to improve the lives of working people.


But that’s for tomorrow.


Today, we celebrate the people who worked for this victory—including you.


In Solidarity,




Richard Trumka

President, AFL-CIO


P.S. I also recorded a video message highlighting workers in Georgia who delivered this victory for all of us. Watch it here.




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