The Senate Is on Vacation While Americans Starve


IATSE Facebook post dated 8/26/20



As many as thirty million households didn’t have enough food in the last week. Only the Fed has acted forcefully.


By Janet Yellen and 
August 24, 2020


It became clear this summer that public health measures across much of the country were relaxed too soon and without proper medical safeguards against the coronavirus. So now, once again, the commerce that Americans rely upon is retrenching. About 80 percent of Americans live in places that are pausing or dialing back reopening.

Yet the Senate left for its August recess without a compromise plan on a coronavirus relief bill for states, cities, the unemployed, businesses and the public health system. If senators still fail to resolve stalled negotiations when they return after Labor Day, millions of needy Americans will suffer — and the overall economy could degrade from its current slow rebound in growth to no growth at all.



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