Theater box seats poised to become fashionable again



On Tuesday, the Tribune’s Gregory Pratt tweeted, the City of Chicago’s top doctor, commissioner of public Health Allison Arwady, said to the media: “COVID’s not going to be over for a couple of years, most likely.”

If that’s really the case, the current idea that theaters can go quiet for just a few months and then go back to all the old ways of doing business after some magical “safe” designation is, alas, pie in the sky.It will be far more complicated and gradual a process. Audiences are going to want to stay away from other people, especially those audience members at the riskiest times of life. And some kind of physical barrier is far better than a taped-over row of seats.

Ever sit in a box seat during a theater production? Didn't think so. But several Chicago theaters have them and they could become the best seats in the house.


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    Chris Jones

July 29, 2020